This is the story of younited

Experience of working with various clients on different types of projects shaped us into a fast adapting, skilled and trustworthy agency.

People of younited

From nine to five we are designers, copywriters, CEOs and project managers. But, at the same time, we are more than that. 

Some of us like to play fiercely and ride fast, others like to swim deep and sail smoothly. Some enjoy dancing and grabbing life at its core, others enjoy petting their dog and taking him for endless walks. Some love to drink fine wine, others prefer coffee. Some dress to impress, others keep it casual. Some are DJs and parents, others are writers and cooks. Some follow trends, others are trendsetters. Some have a podcast, others have a stack of Harry Potter books. 

What makes us younited

As our name says, we are united as a team, but also united with our clients. Being who we are is seen, felt and experienced every day. 

It's expressed in the way we talk to and listen to each other, in the way we respect our differences and accept our needs, in the way we eat lunch together every day and make sure everyone feels included. It’s shown in the way how our ideas are supported, our wishes are listened to and our time is respected. We cultivate transparency, honesty and a culture of collaboration and initiative.
We make sure our people become the best versions of themselves, both personally and professionally, by being who they truly are. 
Together we deliver experiences, outline strategies, develop brands and produce content. We stand younited. We create younited. We are younited. And quite literally we put YOU first in that process.


Our office is based at the heart of Zagreb. Whether you have a sparkling new idea in need of a brand or an established business in need of some fine-tuning, visit us. We promise the coffee is great and the people are nice.




Our offices


Rusanova ul. 13
10000 Zagreb, Croatia

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