M+ Agency became younited

Robert Reljić / Head of Operations January 07, 2021 Robert Reljić / Head of Operations

After 10 successful years as M+ Agency, in 2019 we decided to enter the process of rebranding.


We wanted our new name to be recognized and experienced by all of us in the right way.

Besides that, our early days and today are not the same in terms of the ownership structure. We needed something new, fresh and independent.

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We thought of our current and our potential clients and how will they perceive our name. It needed to be simple and well-accepted worldwide.

We wanted to incorporate a few values that are important to us in our new identity. We took them into consideration and included all of them in our thinking process. We are caring, diverse, sincere and fun. All of these are linked to people, and none to the projects or technology.

Of course, we also wanted to have cool branded hoodies and water bottles.

What is the meaning of younited?

Our agency is still the same team working on different campaigns, developing websites and doing cool designs. But we have a new name and it has a meaning. In the first place, it reflects the unity between ourselves as a team, and between us and our clients and partners. The little wordplay with spelling younited instead of united means we put clients first when we do things for them.

Last but not least, our new name is cooler to us and more memorable to others.

PS. And we do have cool branded hoodies and t-shirts. We'll have branded water bottles soon too. Also, we love our new name. It says a lot about who we are. 




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