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Intending to expand the communication among yachting lovers or those who are about to become one, we agreed to refresh the visual identity of Croatia Charter, the professional charter company offering over 4500 sailboats, mega yachts, catamarans, motorboats, sailing yachts, mini cruisers, gulets, and dinghies.

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The new visual identity aims to define the brand with modern and remarkable design, yet to bring out warm feelings and excitement towards planning a relaxing getaway. The symbolism behind the logo represents the circle, suggesting the round shape of Earth itself. At the same time, elements that dominate inside the circle, with their colors represent the sun, the sky, and the sea. The semantics of this shape and elements combined make the logo feel warm and welcoming, drawing a positive image to customers. 

Croatia Charter - 3

Using round edges to follow the shape of the circle, the typography is less formal and more playful. Also, painted in white, typographic elements stand along with the blue reminding of a sailor-stripped pattern while representing the purity of the seaside.


Croatia Charter - 4

To bring the whole story to the next level, we have decided to face new challenges and launched into vehicle branding. The application of newly created visual identity on delivery minivan served as a marketing tool to increase brand awareness. It was also a good move for strengthening the local recognition and positioning on the market, making Croatia Charter stand out in everyday situations and not only among the online community.

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As one of the most popular summer activities for real adventure seekers and nature lovers, charter companies need to maintain the dialogue with their past, present, and future customers. Throughout Facebook and Instagram, we have kept strong social media activities with the goal of building the community even more. With a continuous online presence, offering up-to-date information and news in the yachting community, we have enhanced brand awareness, placed Croatia Charter on the market, and gained customers’ trust.

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Using global digital campaigns via Google Search, Google Display, and social media channels we have reached new clientele, revived website traffic, and closed many deals. Most importantly, we have spread the word about the authenticity of this company. 

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Now, many became aware that Croatia Charter might be the best choice for summer vacation because the founders of the company are local adventure seekers for whom the boat is a second home. Having a lifetime experience in the sailing world, unconditional love towards the sea, and rich knowledge of the countries’ culture, gastronomy, and nature, Toni and Lidija are always within reach and ready to help in a split second.

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Apart from that, customers become aware that getting involved with Croatia Charter isn’t just a one-time thing. Besides classic boat renting for the summer vacation, the offer also includes charter management, yacht maintenance, yacht sale, skipper course, crew placement, private event organization, brokerage, partnerships, etc. And above all, despite being located in Split, Croatia Charter yachts are located all over the Adriatic and can be delivered anywhere in the world.

The outcome of our past 3 years of collaborating can as well be indicated throughout email marketing results. With an organically gained base of 23 000 subscribers, we are continuously holding a conversation with long-standing loyal customers and those with whom our future has just begun. 

With setting the ambitious, yet firm goals in 2019, through challenging and adventurous 2020 when we caught the wave of managing, reorganizing, and upgrading the story of Croatia Charter, till this day when we are tracking the analytics with a smile on our faces and looking forward to the smooth sailing in the upcoming 2022.

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